Front-End Web Development With React

About the Course

This course delves into the building of front-end applications using Javascript, with a focus on the React library. For the development of React applications, this program will use JavaScript ES6. You'll also learn how to use Reactstrap for responsive UI design using the Bootstrap 4 framework. You'll learn about several characteristics of React components. Moreover you would also get an opportunity to study about React router and how to use it to create single-page apps and learn how to create controlled shapes. The Flux architecture and Redux will be explained where the candidate will be taught about Redux and how to utilise it to create React-Redux-powered applications. After that, one would understand how to use Fetch for client-server communication as well as the REST API on the server side.

This course will teach you all you need to know to become an accomplished front-end web developer. It includes all of the techniques and skills you'll need to work as a React Developer.

We'll take a tour through HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, ES6, jQuery, and React JS:

  • Students can work on a project for each of these program modules.
  • Along with the video of the project's problem statement, you'll also find a video of the project's solution. It is recommended that you attempt working on the project on your own first.
  • After you've finished working on it, watch the remedy video detailing about the best practises and the most efficient approach to finish it.
  • Start adding new projects to your GitHub repository as you create them so that by the conclusion of the course, you'll have a place to showcase all of your work.
  • While finishing the course, you will undoubtedly love the journey!

The session concludes with a quick overview of React animation support and testing. To be able to access this course, you need to have finished the prior course in the specialisation on Bootstrap 4, or have a working knowledge of Bootstrap 4. It is also extremely suggested that you have a decent working knowledge of JavaScript, particularly ES 5.

At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Know how to create client-side Javascript applications and how to use the React library.
  • Be able to use React to create single-page applications.
  • Be able to use React's numerous functionalities, including as components and forms.
  • Be able to use React to build a working front-end web application.
  • Be able to develop responsive React applications using Reactstrap
  • Be able to create a React-Redux application's architecture using Redux.

Beginners who wish to learn Web Development from the ground up should take this course. Freshers interested in pursuing a career as a React Frontend Developer Developers who want to learn React JS Programmers who want to learn Javascript

What you'll discover:


    - Learn the fundamentals of front-end development and how to engage with the design process.

    - To develop clear, succinct code, use the JavaScript ES6 syntax.

    - Recognize a React component's lifecycle.


    - React may be used to create components and user interfaces.

    - By altering data and dealing with numerous components, you may hone your skills.

    - Front-end applications are created, implemented, and tested.


    - Develop front-end design and development skills to create sophisticated, secure websites and apps quickly.

    - Set up code management platforms like GitHub and start networking with your peers.

    - Create a portfolio to demonstrate potential employers your programming abilities.


  • Introduction to React: This session begins with a brief overview of front-end JavaScript frameworks and libraries, followed by a look into React. React components and JSX will also be covered.

    - You'll learn about the different component kinds in React Router and Single Page Applications. You'll learn about React router and how to use it to create single-page apps.

    - You'll also learn about single-page applications and how to utilise React Router to create them.

    - Recognize a React component's lifecycle.

  • Introduction to Redux, React Forms, and Flow Architecture: In this module, you'll learn about uncontrolled and controlled forms, as well as a quick overview of form validation in React apps.

    - You'll learn about the Flux architecture and be introduced to Redux as a method to put it into practise.

  • More Redux and Client-Server Communication: In this module, you'll learn more about Redux, including how to use Redux action, combine reducers, and create Redux thunks, as well as client-server communication with Fetch and the REST API. You will be given a quick overview of React animation.

    - You'll also discover how to test, create, and deploy React applications.