Top 10 Companies In India To Work And Grow Your Career

Top 10 Companies In India To Work And Grow Your Career

Information Technology is the most widely chosen career path in this era. Be it software development or basic level coding. These companies are always high in demand.

Top 10 Companies In India To Work And Grow Your Career

There are top companies in India most freshers and experienced prefer these for a happy work-life.

Here is the list of those companies:

1. Accenture


Accenture has moved closer to its goal of 50:50 representation women now comprise 45% of its workforce. The company has set up offices in tier 2 cities such as Jaipur to access talent and provide more flexibility to employees. Accenture is now experiencing double-digit growth, as it has raised its revenue growth projections.


2. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)


TCS employs over half a million people. It has the lowest attrition rate among other IT companies in India. The company claimed that it gave promotions to over 1,10,000 employees between April and December 2021.


3. Capgemini


Capgemini aims to double down on emerging technologies like quantum computing, the metaverse and synthetic biology, besides working on 5G-based enterprise-grade solutions. The French IT major hires many employees in India.


4. Cognizant


Battling the highest attrition rate among Indian IT firms, Cognizant is on a hiring spree. It plans to onboard 50,000 freshers in 2022, up from 33,000 last year. The New Jersey-headquartered company is looking to retain talent by offering promotions and higher bonuses and investing in employee training and development. 


5. Techasoft


Techasoft is one of the leading IT companies headquartered in Bengaluru, India. This is a leading company in Mobile Application Development, Website Design & Development, and Digital Marketing. 


Techasoft strives to bridge the gap between the learned and the unlearned through skill-based education. It focuses on overall development for employees and better upskilling.


Techasoft Foundation takes cognisance of the disparity between education and employability. They provide training in front-end development to the rural youth, with a keen focus on girls, to enhance their employability in the ever-demanding competitive market.  


6. Wipro


Wipro plans to hire around 30,000 freshers in the fiscal year 2023, up from 17,500 in FY22. It recently acquired US-based cybersecurity consultancy Edgile and collaborated with biotech firm Pandorum Technologies to accelerate research on regenerative medicine. Last year, Wipro also started a return to work programme targeting women looking to kickstart their careers after a break.


7. Infosys


Continuing with its focus on digital and cloud, Infosys posted steady growth in revenue and profits last year. It has also become India's fourth company to touch $100 billion in market capitalisation. 


By onboarding over 1.2 million users on its digital reskilling platform, Infosys is trying to solve the massive talent shortage in the IT space. The company has hired more than 55,000 college graduates in FY22 and is planning to recruit even more in FY23.


8. IBM


IBM is targeting a comprehensive growth strategy for 2022, focusing on building development centres that will drive growth for its software portfolio. The tech giant has acquired around 20 companies since April 2020 to bolster its hybrid cloud consulting capabilities. IBM plans to expand in and hire from non-metro cities as it looks to cast a wide talent net.


9. Larsen and Toubro


While many companies focus on hiring freshers, Larsen & Toubro concentrates on creating talent groomed for industry requirements. The company launched an app-based learning platform late last year. 


L&T has recently bagged significant contracts such as constructing the first Central Secretariat buildings of the Central Vista Project, building sub-sea pipelines for ONGC, and developing hi-tech IT parks across Bangladesh. Despite it being a Constructional major, there are many IT-related opportunities at L&T. 


10. Deloitte


Nearly 15% of Deloitte's 345,000 employees are in India, a number the professional services firm estimates will hit 25% in three years. The company intends to reach tier 2 and tier 3 cities to boost workforce diversity and offer flexibility to employees. 


A piece of advice the company has for job seekers? Be purposeful, distinctive, and outcome-oriented.

How Should A Fresher Choose An IT Job Or Career?

As a fresher, one should get employed in companies that can go the extra mile to ensure a longer tenure. Besides, a good company will seek to increase its bottom line and aim to develop the employee's career. It will constantly motivate freshers to give their best by adopting flexible policies and encouraging timely promotions.


One can get a job in these companies directly from the campus recruitment session. The hiring managers from such leading IT organisations aim to recruit fresh college graduates each year. If the institute has an updated and automated campus placement system, getting employed in these companies will increase. 


One can also apply to their websites, where they advertise their vacancies. Once the applicant gets a lucrative job, they may not have to look back again. So, give the application the best shot.

Why Is There A Sudden Boost To IT Companies In India?

India is an advantageous location for IT Companies and helps outsource the work. And this is why most internationally companies open their branches in parts of India. Due to the pandemic, the work from home culture is also bringing more workforce to the IT sector in India.


1. Skilled and inexpensive IT resources

A thriving software industry, backed by government initiatives

2. The role played by academic institutes that promotes research and innovation

3. A stable democracy based on the parliamentary system of governance.

4. An independent Judiciary and a free Press.

5. Highly developed banking network and financial services.

6. Helpful initiatives like rationalization of taxes and IT-friendly budgets aimed at promoting investment

7. Availability of English speaking workforce

8. Concrete steps to upgrade the IT infrastructure of India

Development in the Indian IT sector

Today India has one of the most robust and fastest-growing economies. The recent recession witnessed in the developed nation and the Dubai economic crisis has minimal effect on IT and industrial growth. India offers high quality IT and IT-enabled Services at a low cost, using state-of-the-art technology. 


Convergence has led to lower tariffs, plentiful bandwidth availability at increasingly lower cost, competition, and growth in technology, especially fibre optics and wireless technology. India's Information and Communications Technology (ICT) organizations are counted among the best known and most reputed ICT solutions and services providers worldwide. 


Scores of global ICT leaders have invested in India, making the country their hub for software development, offshore outsourcing, and R&D. India has an investor-friendly environment. To encourage the growth of the IT sector in India, the government, too, has lowered the entry barriers. FDI can be made in most sectors through the automatic route.


India has a proven track record as a world-class software development centre. IT companies in India generate about 75 per cent of their total revenue from offshore development.